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Why use us?
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Welcome to Sound Advice

Since 1984, Sound Advice has dedicated its efforts to supply excellent service and a great product to the financial services industry. And, since over half of our 200 clients have used us for 10 years or longer, we thought we'd ask them why they keep coming back.

This is what they said:

Script Preparation is Fast and Easy

"Updating each new script is a breeze. In fact, with your monthly script sampler, it's so easy, even a CEO can do it."

Mary Wilson, CEO,
Pasadena, CA
Client since 1986

Quick Turn Around

"I really like that their studio is devoted 100% to Sound Advice productions. It means my new productions are back within a week, or faster."

Karen Brown,
Kansas City, MO
Client since 1988

We Know the Financial Services Industry

"I've worked with Rich Johnson, CEO of Versatape, since 1979. And if there's one thing I can say about him: He knows the financial services industry."

Mike Welch, Financial Industry Publisher
Business Associate since 1979

Price and Quality

"Their prices are incredibly reasonable, and the quality of their voices and music are second-to-none."

Roy McKinnon,
Hollywood, CA
Client since 1988

We're Problem Solvers

"We had a rate change right after we received our new production. Called Versatape and they shipped us an updated tape within a few days.....At no extra cost!"

Karen Maguire,
Laurel, MD
Client since 1991
Sound Advice